Guyana Birding Bonanza

Guyana Birding Bonanza Explore Guyana’s Wilderness: Reserve Your Adventure Now!» Guyana really does offer something special – A small South American country nestled on the Atlantic Coast east of Venezuela and west of Suriname, it is one of the last unexplored wild places on earth yet offers incredible access into a great variety of pristine […]

Colombia Friends and Family Tour

COLOMBIA FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOUR Taylormade Colombian Caribbean Coast Tour and Christmas Lights Medellin. Hi friends, it is a pleasure to have you again exploring a different and super interesting country. This time is the turn for Colombia, NOT Columbia.  The tour will take us to 2 different regions. The first region is the northern […]

Colombian Endemics Part 2

Colombian Endemics Part 2 Colombia: Bird Watchers’ Dreamland Colombia is always a great destination for bird watchers, a big country with too much to see and sometimes not enough time to cover it completely, plus the endemic species around it. The idea of this tour is to immerse you in the central part of the […]

Colombia Feeder Photo Tour

COLOMBIA FEEDER PHOTO TOUR Birders’ Paradise: Colombia Awaits! Colombia has the world’s biggest list of birds, around 1950 species which 145 are just hummingbirds, 141 kinds of tanagers and many trogons, flycatchers, parrots, orioles, toucans and other special birds all great for photography; in addition to all this, Colombia has 80+ endemic species of birds […]

Ecuador Feeder Bird-Photography Tour

Ecuador Feeder Bird-Photography Tour A Country of Gold Another amazing AAA destination, even though this smaller than Texas mega-diverse country is already known by many; Ecuador is not yet well unveiled by the avid and adventurous bird photography lovers. Its diverse landscape encompasses beautiful Amazon Rainforest, breathtaking Andean highlands and the famous wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. […]