Birders' Paradise: Colombia Awaits!

Colombia has the world’s biggest list of birds, around 1950 species which 145 are just hummingbirds, 141 kinds of tanagers and many trogons, flycatchers, parrots, orioles, toucans and other special birds all great for photography; in addition to all this, Colombia has 80+ endemic species of birds and 135 near endemics. A birding Photo tour in this country is outstanding.

This program is designed to reveal a superb bird photography experience.  So, we have scheduled places which offer birds fed in different ways including: Toucans, antpittas, fruiteaters, sparrows, thrushes, tanagers, hummingbirds etc.

Some places will have only feeders for hummers, others tanagers and hummers depending on the place and season.

But we will do all in our hands to call in, or to point out birds close, and around the feeders.

We will ask the locals about roosting spots and other opportunities to give us sharp and the closest possible shots.

Best time to come for feeders is from early/mid October to November to mid December. But we have been very lucky at feeders in February to may.

Trip Profile (2 dates Available)

16 Days
Max Altitude
3.400 m
group size
6-8 bird photographers
Cali Airport
Pereira Airport
Hotels and Lodges
All inclusive

Trip Highlights

  • Chance to be in 2 andes cordilleras: Central and Western.
  • Opportunity to photograph many Endemics and very rare/restricted bird species.
  • Expect around 12-13 feeder stations.
  • Great cock of the rock lek.
  • Photograph more than 40 species of hummingbirds and tanagers.
  • Be with a small group of Photographers.
  • Very comfortable lodges and hotels.
  • Good photo opportunities at feeders and in the field.
  • Creating a positive impact inside local communities in different regions.
  • Very competitive prices in the higher end market
  • Our Guides.
  • Our experience.
  • Great food and coffee.


Embark on an exhilarating bird photo tour through the enchanting Colombian Andes, a biodiverse wonderland brimming with avian treasures waiting to be captured through your lens.

From the verdant valleys and cloud forests to the towering peaks, this country offers a kaleidoscope of habitats, each harboring a unique array of bird species.

Traverse misty cloud forests where colorful tanagers and elusive antpittas thrive, their vibrant plumage illuminated by dappled sunlight filtering through the dense canopy.

As you ascend into the high-altitude páramos, prepare to be awe-struck by the dramatic landscapes and the fascinating avifauna they host. 

Guided by seasoned experts, this bird photo tour promises unforgettable encounters with Colombia’s avian wonders, capturing moments of natural beauty that will forever be etched in memory and on film.


  • All meals from arrival dinner to departure breakfast.
  • All transfers to and from airports.
  • AAA Private licensed bird/naturalist guide.
  • Comfortable 16 people mercedes van for the whole trip.
  • Local guides where needed.
  • Travel health insurance.
  • Water at all times and snacks for the trip.
  • All entries to feeders and parks.


  • International flights.
  • Gratuities.
  • International TRAVEL/HEALTH insurance.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Extra personal expenses.


Arrival Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Airport.

Lodging San Felipe.

  • La Florida Feeders Full Day.
  • Conchita Hummingbird Feeders Afternoon.  
  • Lodging San Felipe.
  • San Felipe Feeders Full Day.
  • Lodging San Felipe.
  • Doña Dora Feeders.
  • Queremal Luxury.
  • Doña Dora.

  • Queremal Luxury.

  • Cock Of The Rock Lek.

  • Bosque de Niebla.

  • Lodging San Felipe.

  • Araucana Full Day.

  • Lodging Guadalajara.

  • Feeders El Diamante.

  • Lodging Tinamú.

  • N. Tinamú.
  • Tinamú.

  • N. Recinto Pensamiento Manizales.

  • Río Blanco.
  • N. Recinto Pensamiento Manizales.
  • El Bosque.
  • N. Termales.


  • Termales.
  • N. Termales.
  • Termales.

  • N. Recinto Pensamiento Manizales.

  • Owl Watch Full Day.
  • N. Recinto Pensamiento Manizales.
  • Airport Transfer: 1 Hour And 30 Minutes Car Ride.

  • Flight Out From.

  • Pereira Matecaña International Airport.

Essential Information