Taylormade Colombian Caribbean Coast Tour and Christmas Lights Medellin.

Hi friends, it is a pleasure to have you again exploring a different and super interesting country.

This time is the turn for Colombia, NOT Columbia. 

The tour will take us to 2 different regions.

The first region is the northern Coast department of Bolivar located in the Caribbean region where Cartagena and Santa Marta are settled.

This was the place the pirates, whalers, colonizers from all over the world wanted to claim as theirs as the main gate to Central and South America.

As many coastal cities in the tropical world, it could seem loud, a bit dirty, but really interesting, its customs, food, landscape, nature, and for sure will give us new adventures.

The second region is the central Andes, out of a chain of three mountain ranges this one is split between Cauca and Magdalena rivers.

Medellin is a very important city for Colombia full of entrepreneurs, business, nature, and an interesting mixture of people.

The main culture is “the Paisa”.

Hundreds of years ago when Spanish-Jewish farmers and curious explorers arrived to the higher mountains and valleys, then moved downwards spreading into few other departments besides Antioquia.

Here they found again: indigenous people, wild animals, fertile forests, valleys, water, gold and more.

This area became the chosen one to start developing what we have now as Medellin and its surroundings.

So here we invite you again to come cheerfully, and open to a new adventure.

Andrés Trujillo

Trip Profile (2 dates Available)

14 Days
Max Altitude
1.900 m
group size
Groups from 4 to 10
Cartagena Airport
Bogotá Airport
triple, double and singles
All inclusive

Trip Highlights

  • Exclusive Barú and private reserve.
  • Local culture unveiled.
  • Coffee from plant to your drink.
  • Native culture experience with Tayrona descendants.
  • Street food.
  • Comuna 13 where the change began.
  • Amazing food.
  • Very comfortable lodging.
  • Don Diego pristine river.
  • El Peñol Rock.


An unforgettable journey through Colombia with your loved ones, as you explore the vibrant cities of Cartagena and Medellin, and immerse yourselves in the breathtaking beauty of the country’s cloud forests, city lights, delectable cuisine, and pristine beaches.

Your adventure begins in Cartagena, where the cobblestone streets of the old town lead you through a kaleidoscope of colors and history.

Dive into the vibrant culture as you sample local delicacies, explore historic forts, and soak up the Caribbean sun on sandy shores.

Then, venture inland to Medellin, known as the «City of Eternal Spring,» where modernity meets tradition amidst lush greenery and towering skyscrapers.

Marvel at the stunning views from cable cars, delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage at museums and galleries, and savor the tantalizing flavors of Colombian cuisine in bustling markets and cozy cafes. 


  • Internal flight.
  • All meals from day 1 dinner, to Breakfast on the last day.
  • Soft drinks and water, river, air and land transportation.
  • Transfers from international and national arrivals and departures.
  • 16 seat Mercedes van or similar.
  • Professional tour leader depending on group number.
  • Travel health insurance.
  • Snacks and water.
  • Lodging.


  • International flights.
  • Gratuities.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Souvenirs.


  • Arrival to Cartagena. 


  • City tour Cartagena.

  • Transfer to Barú.

  • Barú all day, Private Boat ride.

  • Barú all day, Private Boat ride.

  • Barú: 5hr. drive to Barlovento or 1:30 chopper ride above the Caribbean coast. (Recommended)

  • Barlovento.

  • Tayrona Culture experience (Kogui).

  • Today we will visit Tayrona National Park area.

  • Barlovento.

  • Don Diego river full day.

  • Maloka.

  • Barlovento.

  • Flight to Medellin from Santa Marta.

  • Medellin city tour.

  • Medellin to Jardín (4hr drive).

  • Coffee farm.

  • Cock of the rock Lek.

  • Jeep Tour.
  • Waterfalls.
  • Musician etc.
  • Jardín.

  • Medellín.

  • Shopping. 

    Day 13 / Medellin – Guatapé – Medellin

    Day 14 / Flight back Home International Flight.

  • Medellín – Guatapé – Medellín.
  • Flight back Home International Flight.

Essential Information