Colombian Endemics Part 2

Colombia: Bird Watchers' Dreamland

Colombia is always a great destination for bird watchers, a big country with too much to see and sometimes not enough time to cover it completely, plus the endemic species around it.

The idea of this tour is to immerse you in the central part of the country from west to east and to discover its wonders, plus the north coast of Colombia Santa Marta mountains and the desert of la guajira, that way we will try to get the most bird specialties and endemics in a short period of time.

Now close to 100 endemic species our goal is to try for close to half of them in this trip.

You will experience not only the breathtaking landscape, the friendly people but we are going to take you to boasting areas with enough bird species to stay for life.

Trip Profile (2 dates Available)

21 Days
Max Altitude
4.000 m
group size
6-8 bird photographers
Cali Airport
Bogotá Airport
Hotels and Lodges
All inclusive

Trip Highlights

  • Chance to be in 3 andes cordilleras: Eastern, Central and Western. Plus: Santa Marta mountains and the Colombian desert scrubland.
  • Opportunity to see a long list of Endemics and very rare/restricted bird species.
  • Chances to see: Red (Colombian) howler monkey, mountain tapir, night monkeys, long tailed weasel, crab eating fox, the coffee triangle region, different landscape and customs from the locals.
  • Expect around 500+ species. (depends on hours in the field).
  • Surpass 50 species of hummingbirds and tanagers.
  • Be with a small group of birders.
  • Very comfortable lodges.
  • Good photo opportunities at feeders and in the field.
  • Creating a positive impact inside local communities in different regions.
  • Very competitive prices in the higher end market.
  • Our Guides.
  • Great food and coffee.


Crafting birding itineraries amidst the Colombian mountains and forests is a captivating endeavor.

The Colombian Andes, with their dramatic peaks and verdant valleys, are a treasure trove of avian diversity. Stretching across the country’s length, the Andes create a mosaic of habitats ranging from high-altitude páramos to lush cloud forests.

These diverse ecosystems harbor an astonishing array of bird species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Among the jewels of Colombia we have the majestic Santa Marta Mountains. 

Rising abruptly from the Caribbean coast, these ancient peaks are a hotspot of biodiversity and endemism.

The Santa Marta range boasts an extraordinary number of endemic bird species, adapted to the unique microclimates found at different elevations.

From the foothills to the summit, birdwatchers can encounter a stunning variety of avian life, including colorful toucans, dazzling hummingbirds, and elusive antpittas.

As they ascend through lush montane forests and moss-draped cloud forests, visitors may encounter endemic species such as the Santa Marta Parakeet, Santa Marta Warbler, and Santa Marta Sabrewing.

These specialized birds have adapted to the isolated and diverse habitats found only in the Santa Marta range, making each encounter a truly unique experience.

In our birding expeditions through the Colombian mountains and forests, we prioritize immersion in these pristine ecosystems while promoting sustainable tourism practices.

Our expert local guides are deeply knowledgeable about the region’s avifauna and conservation efforts, providing participants with enriching experiences while supporting local communities.

Embarking on a birding adventure in the Colombian Andes and Santa Marta Mountains promises not only thrilling encounters with rare and endemic bird species but also a deeper appreciation for the intricate connections between biodiversity, culture, and conservation in this remarkable region.

With careful planning and expert guidance, birdwatchers can unlock the wonders of Colombia’s mountainous landscapes and create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Airport transfers.
  • Professional licensed birdguide.
  • Double accommodation.
  • Meals as listed on the Itinerary.
  • Water daily.
  • Driver and transportation 16 people comfortable van and Toyotas 4 x 4 to access when needed.
  • Activities as described on the itinerary.
  • Local health insurance.
  • Local guide when needed (Montezuma, cali, santa marta, Otún and Los Flamencos Sanctuary it’s mandatory in those sites).
  • Access all national parks and reserves.
  • Access to all feeders.
  • Limited Snacks for the trip.
  • Colombian health insurance.


  • Items of a personal nature.
  • First dinner.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Gratuities.
  • Snacks.
  • Departure tax per person.
  • International flights.
  • Emergency evacuation insurance / travel insurance.
  • Telephone calls.
  • Laundry.
  • Excess weight on the internal scheduled flight.
  •  You will be charged a single supplement if you desire single accommodations or if you prefer to share but have no roommate and one cannot be provided for you.


  • Picking up the group in Cali city airport. 
  • Night in Cali: Hotel Hampton by Hilton.



  • Cali city – La Florida (40 min).
  • Today we head to km 18th, named as well San Antonio protected area (cloud forest), Night in San Felipe.



  • San Felipe all day.
  • Night in San Felipe.



  • San Felipe to San Cipriano (1:30min).
  • Hotel El Queremal Luxury.



  • Anchicayá high part – Doña Dora – Buga town.
  • Cock of the rock 700 meter walk – Feeders for higher altitude choco endemics.
  • Guadalajara Hotel.
  • Early in the morning we will work on Laguna del Sonso (Cauca river banks-dry forest) and then to the Tatamá National Park at the Montezuma farm (Very humid forest).
  • Laguna del Sonso to Montezuma: 4 hours drive.
  • Night: Montezuma.



  • Montezuma.
  • This morning we begin the birding on the high part of the reserve to the middle part.
  • Montezuma full day.


  • Montezuma medium-low part and after lunch we move to Otún Quimbaya flora and fauna sanctuary.
  • Montezuma to Otún Quimbaya: 2:30/3 hours drive.
  • Night: Kumanday Lodge.



  • Birding around the main road of the reserve and in the afternoon moving to Manizales city on the western slope of the Central Andes.
  • Otún Quimbaya to Manizales city: 1:40 hour drive.
  • Night: Hotel Recinto Pensamiento.
  • Hacienda El Bosque.
  • Birding the feeders and forest patches, lunch and back to our hotel.
  • Termales night.
  • Nevados.
  • In the morning we move to Los Nevados National Park (Paramo ecosystem) Manizales city to Nevados (1 hour drive).
  • Night in Manizales: Hotel Recinto Pensamiento.



  • Río Blanco reserve in the morning – (Montane forest), then transfer to Manizales airport to fly to Santa Marta city – Minca village.
  • Pereira to Santa Marta (1:40 hour flight).
  • Night in Be Sierra.

All day birding along the way from Minca to El Dorado reserve (Santa Marta mountains ).

* We will work around Minca in the morning then lunch and after we will be birding all the way up to the mountains.

  • Very early in the morning we will focus on the high part of the El Dorado reserve – Cuchilla de San Lorenzo (cloud forest), after descending to the lodge we will work the surroundings.
  • El Dorado lodge to cuchilla de San Lorenzo: 2hr drive.
  • Night: El Dorado Lodge.



  • We will work on other trails of the reserve and after lunch begin descending and birding to Minca village.
  • Night in sm: Hotel be Sierra.
  • Early in the morning we will drive to Riohacha city.
  • Birding in camarones and Flamencos national park.
  • Minca to Tayrona.
  • Night in Riohacha.
  • We will cover what we had left at Pericos and to Flamencos National Park Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (Semi arid and thorny forest), then return to Santa Marta city to take our flight to Bogota city.
  • Riohacha city to Flamencos (25 min).
  • Night in Bogotá: hotel garden inn.
  • Bosque guajira feeders private.
  • Bogotá city to Guajira forest (40 min to 1 hr.), feeders and forest birding from the road’.
  • Night in Bogotá: Hotel garden inn.



  • El Tabacal lagoon (Semi dry/Humid forest) and El Jardín Encantado feeders(Enchanted Garden). 
  • Night in Bogotá: Hotel Hilton Garden inn.
  • Sumapaz Paramo for highland eastern cordillera endemics.
  • Last dinner.
  • Transfers out the group to El Dorado international airport in Bogotá to go back home.
  • End of services.

Essential Information