Guyana Birding Bonanza

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Guyana really does offer something special – A small South American country nestled on the Atlantic Coast east of Venezuela and west of Suriname, it is one of the last unexplored wild places on earth yet offers incredible access into a great variety of pristine habitats.

It is also a land of great contrasts as you leave behind the coastal city of Georgetown traveling into the interior, over vast unspoilt Tropical Rainforests and incredible isolated waterfalls.

The lure of Guyana is its true wilderness and amazing wildlife with many sought-after species easier to see here than in any of the surrounding countries.

We have worked hard to offer the most complete itinerary available, which includes all the top sites visited by other companies and more, with 17 days of wildlife and birds.

But also includes the spectacular Kaieteur Falls and highly favoured rarities such as Rufous-winged Ground-Cuckoo, Guyana toucanet, Harpy eagle, Crimson Fruitcrow, blood colored woodpecker, sun parakeet, red siskin, Capuchinbird, Rio Branco antbird, Rufous Crab Hawk, White-bellied Piculet, Grey-winged Trumpeter, Black Curassow, Cayanne Jay, Guianan Red Cotinga, Rufous Potoo, White-winged Potoo, Crested Doradito, Bearded Tachuri, Amazonian Black Tyrant, Rusty-breasted Nunlet, the Hoary-throated Spinetail, and many more.

Trip Profile (2 dates Available)

17 Days
Max Altitude
1.900 m
group size
6 to 8
All inclusive (Not in Georgetown)

Trip Highlights

  • Amazing Flight over one of the most pristine forest in the world.
  • Visit to the spectacular kaetieur falls and national park.
  • Community based tourism from start to end of the trip.
  • Great food.
  • Expect 350-380 spp.
  • Iwokrama Canopy Walkway.
  • Good photo opportunities.
  • Chances to see: Giant Anteater; Giant River Otter; Jaguar; Red Howler Monkey; Black Spider Monkey; Capybara and Savanna Fox.


Constructing lowland birding itineraries for the Amazon basin and analyzing them is a dreamy activity.

There are many extraordinary options and SE Amazonia at the cusp of the Andes is possibly the richest avian assemblage in the world, but the Guianan Shield lowlands stand out amongst all for the amazing quality possible in a relatively short trip.

There are many options within the Guianan Shield too – Eastern Venezuelan lowlands, Suriname, Manaus (east of Rio Negro) and Guyana.

Each offers species that are difficult elsewhere but the best in terms of diversity of habitats and species is Guyana.

With a road (known as the “old cattle trail” highway) running from the coast to the Brazil border in Lethem and onto the remote South Rupununi, through endless rainforest and grasslands, birding in Guyana could be fast paced and full of sought-after specialties or cold be done at a slower paced where one can enjoy every moment and still able to see their target species.

We only use the very best local guides and you can rest assured that your money will go to help Guianan-owned lodges and local communities.

If you want to see the Guianan Shield Endemics including the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock, cotingas, parrots, macaws and the bizarre Capuchinbird and an endless supply of mouth-watering species then this could be your best trip ever! We offer the No. 1 trip to this fabulous country.

Organizing a complex birding trip in Guyana all by yourself is close to impossible. And although it is possible to reach some lodges by public bus, a 4×4 car is absolutely necessary to be able to see most targets, visit different habitats and trails as they are not always within walking distance of lodges, basically it needs to be an arranged expedition.

Depending on the timing of your international flight, we’ll arrange for your airport transfer in good time for check-in. Please remind us of your timings. A group transfer will be easier but, participants leaving on different flights we will be able to arrange that transfer as well.


  • All airport transfers on Day 1 and day 17.
  • Double or twin occupancy.
  • Meals as listed on the Itinerary as (BLD).
  • Snacks and water daily.
  • All road and river transfers.
  • Internal flights in Guyana.
  • Activities as described on the itinerary.
  • Local guides.
  • 14% VAT.
  • Iwokrama Forest User Fee.
  • Iwokrama Canopy Walkway fee.
  • International AAA Adventures Tour Leader.
  • Kaieteur National Park fee.


  • Items of a personal nature.

  • (Meals) Lunch and Dinner while in Georgeotwn.

  • Alcoholic drinks.

  • International flights.

  • Covid-19 Antigen Test.

  • Visa (if needed).

  • Emergency evacuation insurance.

  • Gratuity or tipping.

  • Travel insurance.


  • Group arrival in Georgetown, Cheddi Jagan.
  • English Guyana.
  • Mahaica River mudflats.
    Botanical Garden.
  • Kaieteur Falls.
  • Iwokrama River Lodge.


  • Turtle Mountain.
  • Trail and Kurupukari.
  • White Sand Forest.
  • Iwokrama River Lodge.
  • Atta Rainforest Lodge.
  • Atta Rainforest Lodge.
  • Canopy Walkway.
  • Atta Rainforest Lodge.
  • Canopy Walkway.


  • Atta Rainforest Lodge to Surama EcoLodge.
  • Surama EcoLodge.
  • Harpy Eagle Nature Trail.
  • Surama – Burro-Burro Trail.
  • Surama Eco Lodge.
  • Birding the Ground Cuckoo Trails.
  • Surama to Rock View Lodge.
  • Birding the Rupununi Savannahs.
  • From Rock View Lodge to Karasabai Village on to Manari Ranch Birding the Rupununi Savannahs.
  • Sun Parakeet Adventure.
  • Manari Ranch to Wichabai Ranch, Birding the Southern Rupununi Savannahs.
  • The Red Siskin Adventure.
  • Wichabai Ranch, Siskin search and back to Manari Ranch.
  • Fly Lethem to Georgetown on Schedule flight.
  • International Departure for home.

Essential Information