To book a Tour with us, send an enquiry via our website or email. We’ll send you the Booking Form and tour prices by email, or complete the form online. Submit the Booking Form with passport copies to buy the services as outlined.

Extend the Tour by completing the extension section or email us.

After booking, we’ll acknowledge receipt by email. Note that this isn’t acceptance. We’ll send a Booking Confirmation email to confirm the booking and form a contract, only for the Tour and any extension confirmed in the email.

1.0 AAA ADVENTURES / Terms & Conditions:


When you make a booking with AAA adventures, you are confirming that you understand and have accepted [on behalf of yourself and all members of your party] the terms and conditions laid out on these pages. Once you have made the booking, the following terms and conditions come into force.


1.1 To book a Tour with us, send an enquiry via our website or email. We’ll send you the Booking Form and tour prices by email, or complete the form online. 


Submit the Booking Form with passport copies to buy the services as outlined. 

We will contact you using the email you provide, or by phone if necessary.


1.2 These Terms apply to our contract for tour services and override any other terms. The Contract is the entire agreement between us, and you acknowledge that you have not relied on any other statements or promises.

1.3.: If the Tour has an extension option, indicate it on the form or request it by email.


1.4 After we receive your Booking Form, we will send an acknowledgment email. This does not confirm your booking.


1.5 We will accept your booking by sending a Booking Confirmation email. The Contract only applies to the Tour and any Tour Extension specified in the Booking Confirmation.

1.6 Bookings are made with a deposit of 25% on the total payment for the tour chosen.


The total balance is to be paid in 3 months before the start of the tour chosen by the guest.


1.7 In the event that we are unable to accept your booking for any reason, we will inform you by email and your booking will not be processed. If you have already paid for the Tour, we will refund the full amount you paid.


1.8 Insurance


We recommend to all passengers that they bring their own travel insurance when they make their booking, for AAA does not take responsibility for problems relating to health or in unforeseeable circumstances which could incur injury to travelers or loss of baggage.


In some of the countries we work with we will include travel insurance (talk to our office for details.)


2.0 You have the option to cancel the Contract by notifying us as outlined in clause 2.1


2.1 To cancel, send an email to ?????? or ////with your booking details. Your cancellation will be effective on the date you send the email. If you cancel, we will refund the price you paid for the Tour, minus the 25% non refundable booking payment discussed in 2.1.1 Refunds will be issued through the same payment method used for the booking, if possible.


2.2: Unused Tour services are non-refundable.


2.3: You can transfer your Tour booking to another person, but must cover additional costs. Switching to another AAA tour incurs cancellation fees unless a replacement is found.


2.4: If we cancel a set departure tour due to low reservations we will refund all payments, or charge a small group supplement (some providers ask for 25% the moment the reservation is made in hotels I some countries).


2.5 Events Beyond Our Control: We’re not liable for delays caused by events beyond our control. We’ll notify you and extend the performance time.


2.6 Cancellation and Special Circumstances: Our refund policy won’t change due to extreme situations. Trip cancellation covers expenses for events like death, illness, natural disasters, or legal obligations. (Be aware it depends on the country, in some countries we include a complete insurance to our guests in this cases, but in other countries we do not, Ask our office)


3.0 The Tour: The descriptions and illustrations on our website are intended to provide a general overview of the Tour, but they do not constitute part of the Contract or hold any legal weight.


3.1 The itinerary for the tour is available on the company’s website, which will specify the included and excluded services. 


3.2 permits the company to make changes to the itinerary if required by statutory or regulatory requirements or if the changes will not affect the quality of the tour significantly. 


The customer must be informed of any changes to the itinerary in advance. Additionally, if the customer cancels the contract due to changes in the itinerary, they will be responsible for any applicable cancellation fees mentioned in clause 2.1. 


3.3 Tour materials: We provide predeparture information two months prior to the Tour and bird and mammal checklists if requested.


3.4 Tour leaders. 


We may substitute the Tour leader for leaders whose names appear on our website for other Tour leaders. Any changes to the Tour Leader or leader will not give you the right to cancel the Contract.


3.5 Tour group size: Maximum group size depends on the trip and is listed on our website but may be increased by one person if two people traveling together sign up for the final available spot.


3.6 Tour Removal Policy: We reserve the right to remove you from the Tour if advised by the Tour leader. If we do remove you, we won’t be responsible for any additional expenses or losses you may incur, and no refund will be made. If you’ve booked any other tours, they’ll be canceled according to clause 2 terms.


3.7 Quality Assurance: We ensure that the Tour is delivered with good care and great skills, our team is committed to providing you with a high-quality experience.


3.8 Tour Schedule: We’ll do our best to meet the performance dates mentioned in the Booking Confirmation. However, these dates are just approximations, and if we fail to perform the Tour on the said dates, you won’t have the right to cancel the Contract unless we deduct the amounts mentioned in clause 2.1


4.0 Guests Responsibilities: As a customer, you have certain responsibilities, including ensuring that:

(a) your booking details are accurate and complete;

(b) you cooperate with us in all matters related to the Tour;

(c) you provide us with all necessary information and materials required to supply the Tour, making sure that such information is accurate and complete;

(d) you obtain and maintain all necessary international flight tickets, visas, permissions, and consents required for the Tour before the Tour start date;

(e) you are mentally and physically prepared for the Tour.

It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, including health and safety laws.


4.1 Your ability to operate the tour is delayed or prevented because of you:

(a) We reserve the right to terminate the contract.

(b) We will not be responsible for any costs or losses you sustain or incur as a direct or indirect result of our failure or delay in performing the Tour.

(c) You will be responsible for reimbursing us on written demand for any costs or losses we sustain or incur as a direct or indirect result of Your Default.






(a) To receive our Tour services, you are required to pay the total Tour Prices outlined on our website at the time of your booking, as well as in the email we send you as per clause 3.1. 


(b) We take utmost care to ensure that the Tour prices mentioned are accurate when the information is entered into the system. However, if there is an error in the Tour price you booked,we will fix it asap.


(c) Unless stated otherwise, all our Tour Prices do not include IVA/VAT. If IVA/VAT is applicable to some or all of the Tour, you must make sure at the moment of the payment. 


5.2 Currency fluctuations: We reserve the right to increase the Tour Prices by informing you in writing before issuing the invoice, if the Tour cost increases due to the fluctuation in foreign exchange rates between the local currency and the U.S. dollar. If the increase in Tour Prices is more than 10% of the prices mentioned on our website, you may cancel or transfer your booking to another Tour. If you choose to cancel, we will refund the entire amount paid by you, you will have to inform us within 7 days of receiving our notice regarding the increase in Tour Prices.

The same applies to flight rates and single supplement rates, which are also quoted in the respective fixed currency.


5.3: We’ll arrange and pay for domestic flights if needed for the Tour, but any changes beyond our control may incur additional costs for you.


5.4: We may charge you for extra costs incurred due to events outside our control.


5.5: You’ll be charged a supplement for a single accommodation, and if you can’t find a room partner, the supplement will apply. If you stop sharing a room, any additional costs will be shared equally. If single rooms are not available, we’ll refund the supplement for that part of the Tour.


5.6: If we change the itinerary for a better reason or for something we can’t control, there will be no refunds.

if we downgrade hotels or services because of something we can’t control there will be no refunds.


6.0 Payment explained:. 


6.1 At the moment you book, you must pay 25% of the cost of the tour , (non refundable) as explained in 2.1.


6.2 Payment for the Tour can be made through various means such as, electronic funds transfer, debit card, or credit card, …. . We generally accept ….


6.4: An electronic invoice will be sent to you, detailing the payments made and payments still due.


6.5: It is mandatory to pay all amounts owed under the Contract completely.


6.6 Discusses the limitations of liability that apply to the contract. It’s important to pay attention to this clause.


6.7 States that we cannot limit or exclude our liability for certain things, including death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any liability that cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law.

Same applies if it’s for loss of profits, sales or business, agreements or contracts, or any indirect or consequential loss.


6.8 Unless explicitly stated in these terms, we do not provide any assurances, guarantees, or promises regarding the Tour.


6.9 States that some services may be provided by independent suppliers not affiliated with us, known as Third Party Suppliers. While we try to choose reliable suppliers, we are only intermediaries and cannot control the quality of their services. Third Party Suppliers are independent contractors, and any compensation for loss or damage should be sought from them, not us.


7.0 Pertains to communications between us. 


7.1 It clarifies that «in writing» includes email and phone. It also specifies that any notice or communication related to the Contract must be official, if the traveler uses not official ways it’s not our responsibility in case of any kind of fraud or scam.


8.0 Complaints:


8.1 Inform Tour leader promptly of any issues. If not resolved, notify us during or up to one week after the Tour.


9.0 Termination:


10. Overall: 


10.1 We may terminate the Contract immediately in writing if you violate a significant term or condition,or fail to rectify within 7 days, or get expelled from Tour, or if you fail to pay on due date.


10.2 If any variations in the Contract occur, they can only be amended if a written agreement is signed by you, us, or our authorized representatives.


10.3 Paragraphs:

Each paragraph of these Terms functions independently, and if any court or relevant authority finds any of them to be unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining paragraphs will remain valid and effective.


10.4 Third Party Rights:

The Contract only applies to you and us, and no other individual is authorized to enforce any of its provisions.